Monday, March 19, 2012

19 At the 'Green Runt', (And Just Beyond)

Coal lightning shone across
the stars.

A smarmy yesterday
at the local pub...

"Even half a cardigan like this
will whittle away tortuous,
undesirable girth!!",

coughed up the harassing
ad huckster

between 'news' flashes
of yet one more arrest

at the 'dedication' ceremony.

And the expected daily
plummet in OvenCo's
public stock.

"The unlimited thrashing of
a thousand fiberglass ropes

quickly melts away anomalous
back flesh!",

bleated from the fitful jukebox.

In the surrounding respiration
of anti-commando patrons;

of aromas of mandarin oranges,

custard 'stuffies',

mohair lotion (risking fallout),

and their ''Parliament'' brand

Pearl Gladdsmell
crocheted cornea models

despite a recurrent
though partial itch.


Due to the pointless decrees
of chainstore celebrities---

"Behold! The Edible Building!!"

Slabs of emerald jellies
framed in giant crimson 'whips'
the size of tank cars.

Capped off with a gumdrop
module huge enough for
televisualized stilt fights.

The skin graft bat trapped
in the mammoth drapes

of the Old State House


The former chairman's

favorite maps and
his lost list of broken ashtrays

awkwardly stuffed in the
basket of the one

wax bicycle ditched
in the gun room 'caverns'.


Mr. Minus Maske
with the barely pandering

"And noww,

risking waves of
you formerly so fortunate,

And, nowwww,
the as ever apart,

always powdered,

beyond accounting for,

Chairman Thornrumpus.

{Accomplishments: Nothing.}

Recently so incapacitated.

Alone in the Margery River,

gurgling epithets,

spinning like a wheel, he was

found tangled in his fish line.

A most capable, certified
while-u-wait doctor,

a Doctor Francis Oubliette,

(capable of turning the dead),

barely rescued
his ruined ear canal

during the night.

Today, his feet skip fire.

Nooo serious after effects.

Beyond a switch of
guitar hands

(in some ways
an improvement).

A wide across scarrr
wrapping his noggin

never to be commented

And a stylish limp

you can hardly notice
notice notice.

Need we now
any further

of past follies?!
follies?! follies?!

Such as that


mounted pygmy

now tucked under

your local bar

in deserved shame

(pending a respectful

remooval?) ooval?) ooval?)

Oh, Yes, and that

one last BIG emergency--

atomic bedlam-m in

the skeleton mines


Where was I? i? yi? yi?

Who was up next? -ext? -ext?

Hardware?? Ohh...

And please remember
to collect your
complimentary appliancesss."

"Coo! Does that mean
we get twoooo??"

"He said applianceS!"

Canine stares.

Our hearts former fluttering
guttered and then winked out.

In the Council steamroom
backward rears,

apart in talcum.

[Cue the uncouth gas].

Saturday, March 10, 2012

18 Looking for an Opening

Come whittle away the halves
of the greyhound's hairbrush.

The Great Unlimited Lightning Machine,

minus undesirable fiberglass

nighties, stuffed in during the

awaits 'The Runt', purported to be
the only man capable

of turning the switch

back from the dead.

[Cue guitars].

Ahh, Miss Thorne's 'tortuous' cardigan
and stylish aromas...

a quick mount in the back of the
while-u-wait appliance store,

risking a complementary custody

in some serious chains.

Our jelly hearts fluttering,

unfortunate reminders of former

the pleading and harassments,
capped off with melting 'emeralds';

the thrashing like canines,
wide girths draped across
mohair modules;

the best stilt movie ever ruined
by commandos;

and the traumatic gurgle
of bacon-induced cardiac arrest.

The Skin Graft Bat
respires anomalously,

its wax corneas
yet one more edible.

Medical bicycles as ever fall
apart in the talcum mines

due to uncontrollable rumps'
coughing backfire.

A never-to-be rescued
'pearl' oven

rears backwards in the canal.

Chairman Half-a-Nothing,
(who was certifiable)

shone ever crimson,

an uncouth 'star'

up one big green itch:

the partial skeletons
of pygmy models

spin in the company
roulette wheel.

His lost list of favorite naps

tucked under a broken ashtray.

Monday, March 8, 2010

17 Pride of the Clothes Hamper

Lightning shone girth of Half-a-Nothing
minus anniversary nightie, pride of
the clothes hamper; awaits flaunting.

Another day in the fiberglass mines.

'The Runt' purported to have played
caddie yesterday, for the new
Jellyfish Parliament. Back from the dead

and conscripted
by the sheepish locals,

via Miss Darling Thorne.

This is what she said,
in list form...That is,
in list form, she said it:

"-Ever talcumed rump, always apart.
-Unlimited compliments in crimson.
-Stylish custody in chains.
-Anomalous smells."

A quick mount in the
oven and bacon store

not undesirable.

Backfire from the Mohair Module
melting their wax bicycles.

Neckties draped across
medical models gurgling trigonometry.

Emerald, pygmy skeletons
in the best ever stilt movie.

Skin graft bat,
pride of the clothes hamper.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

16 "Emergency from Trauma Canal"

Half-a-Nothing, minus cardigan,
in the lightning shone girth
of the tortuous coal mine.

'The Runt' purported to have been
gassed yesterday.

Cue the smarmy locals
and their pointless promenade.

Parliamentary List of Accomplishments:

-ever Named, apart
-always talcum powdered
-unlimited salary reminders
-anomalous smells
-Rump Lotion Decree

Due to these
uncontrollably uncouth
chainstore celebrities,

and the Pygmy chairman
the Mohair Module,

risking the fallout
of its atomic backfire.

Bedlam in the picket line.

Waves of Jellyfish Commandos
on their wax bicycles

unfortunate reminders
of the formerly harassed.

Bacon neckties draped across
the back of the Mandarin Mammoth.

Canine medical models
stare. And then wink.


Whittle away the halves
of the greyhound hairbrush.

Feet skip rope
in surrounding buildings.

Behold the edible
skin-graft bat!

Fitful respiration
from the crocheted jukebox

coughing up one last
big green news flash...


Sunday, January 17, 2010

15 The Chairlift Masquerade

Unlimited, tortuous, anniversary,
threshing machine

minus undesirable guitar.

The pleading cardiac cardigan
tucked in the half-a-pearl hamper.

Parliamentary rump lotion--
(purported to have gassed 'the Runt')
--certified yesterday,

risking our neckties.

[Cue the serious promenade.]...


List of Oven Accomplishments:

-canine nap nook


Due to uncontrollably uncouth
chainstore celebrity 'stardom',

the Pygmy chairman

waves the emergency flag
for the jellyfish commandos

to mount up

--onto their wax bicycles
with handlebar cameo

winks and stares.

Anomalous respiration
shone in a medical model

draped across the back
of the Mandarin Mammoth.

Fluttering necktie corneas

unfortunate reminders
of former harassments.


Whittle away the halves
of the greyhound hairbrush.

Saxophone-anorak coughs

up one big green itch

for yet more, edible roulette.

While a rescued guitar
from Trauma Canal


the chairlift masquerade.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

14 Undesirable Guitar

anniversary nightie and anorak. undesirable guitar.
pride pearl of a caddie in the clothes hamper...
a hornet in the butter. fiberglass fridge awaits flaunting.

parliamentary plea for Darling Thorn Lotion,
purported to launch rump gas.
certified yesterday.

scold jellyfish commando; undesirable guitar
in conscription promenade.

this is what he said, seriously: "a typhoid sample,
to compliment accomplishments in crimson."
undesirable the guitar, in customer custody.
stylish oven backfire
in the canine bacon chain store.

vindicated, mount
un/desirable guitar.

scoff, saxophone foliage!
revulsion and skeleton roulette.

pygmy (madly) blank---uncontrollable stardom.

big wax emerald itch.

Cameo Corner:
the best ever stilt movie transforms trigonometry
to a gurgle.

whittle away the halves of a greyhound hairbrush.
beige masquerade kindergarten
with palpable trellis.

uncouth pygmy's familiar blank stare
harasses the wan congregation.

nightie and anorak scoff
at undesirable hamper.

indubitable saxophone, (in working order).
edible roulette. pygmy piddling on the pier
in piecemeal pyjamas. hornet in butter.

chain store---(plastic foliage, chairlifts, visors neither good
nor bad)---chain store's visitor's book
relaunching parliamentary plea
for Darling Thorn Lotion,

purported to 'unanimitize' rump gas.
Certified yesterday,
in fiberglass.
A sample of kindergarten seriousness
as big as beforehand.

big wax cameo winner.

still in customer custody,
undesirable guitar with stylish cornea.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

13 Thaw, Compliant Cornea

unlimited, tortuous threshing machine
minus an anomaly... half-a-nothing...
corneal evil.

pleading cardigan...tied to slippery runt
risking ligaments
in the lightning shone bedlam
of the coal mine.

Behold, the mode of our smarmy will.

Compliant corneal girth.

unlimited, tortuous, ever-named,
always talcum powdered
threshing machine
minus reminders

anomalous smell of
The Mohair Module.
Half-a-nothing cornea.

The pleading cardigan
risks ties to the runt
risking lightning shone ligaments
in the Fallout.

Without our mode
of smarmy will...
picketed hostage
with that corneal compliance...
bedlam in the slippery coalmine.

unlimited, dogged, tortuous,
never named, always looming,
before talcum powdered
threshing machine
minus crocheted crotch,
(a 'strength-reminder'?).

Respiration addiction:
an okay smell of
Half-A-Nothing's cornea...
'jukebox evil'
to take notice of.

The pleading cardigan...
olive-green runt's necktie...
risky dish of basted bat.
Newsflash shone:
LIGHTNING MAIMS TODDLER. the trauma canal...
the coal mine and surrounded buildings.
Manage the mandarin mammoth.
Cornea compliant. Skip the skin-graft.
Feet feign skipping rope.
Behold the beige medical model.

Wounded, would she oust
our smarmy lack of will???

Remind her.